New Fall Art History Class!

A new art history class, Art 163, Arts of Asia, will debut this Fall 2017.  The class, which will be taught by Prof. Arathi Menon, will meet TTh, 9:35-11:00 (class #73664).  This class isn’t in the printed schedule, but is visible online.  Art 163 is CSU and UC transferrable, and is part of our new AA-T (Associate Arts Transfer) degree in Art History.  Look for new art history classes in the coming terms!


Oh my…

eggs_jsWell, maybe 10 years behind the times, but we’re adding a blog page to the website. Faculty will be able to post things that are going on in their classes, links they want to get out there, work they’re doing… just about anything.

So check this out from time to time… and don’t ask about the eggs. Just don’t.