The Glass Program 

The American Studio Glass movement began in the mid-1960s giving artists the foundation to design and produce original work of art from glass. For the past 50 years the movement has had rapid developments, putting glass at the forefront of contemporary art and craft. The glass art community continues to grow in new directions while holding on to its traditions. The glass program at Palomar College offers an array of courses for students to explore the creative potential of this amazing material.

The glass curricula focus on the development of students’ understandings of the craft and sculptural approaches of glassblowing, kilnforming (casting/slumping/fusing), and stained glass. Our studio offers complete hot, warm, and cold glass facilities that allow for a wide range of course-directed research and investigation. Traditional methods are promoted as a means to develop glass production skills, while a focus is directed toward the creative growth and artistic development of each student.  


ART 160/280/290 – Glassblowing/Glassforming
Glassblowing is an exciting, mesmerizing process by which molten glass is manipulated to form vessels and objects. Students develop the hands-on skills to control the material and create one-of-a-kind pieces of art. A range of hot and cold glass processes are learned to control the color, form, and surface of glass.

ART 155/275 – Stained Glass
Stained glass is the art of cutting and assembling colored glass pieces into compositions that come alive with light. Students learn the skills to produce unique pieces of art and architectural stained glass windows, while gaining an understanding of design and composition with flat glass.

ART 156/278 – Glass Casting
Through the use of kilns, glass can be transformed to create both precise and expressive artworks. Students will learn the properties of heat and movement to control colored glass to work with the material like paint on canvas. Additionally, through the use of custom fabricated molds, we explore the ability to create three-dimensional sculptures in glass.




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