ASG attends a CCSAA Student Leadership Conference for the Fall 2017 Semester.

Palomar College’s ASG travels to San Jose.

On October 13 2017, ASG Executives,Senators, and Advisors will travel to San Jose Ca for a Student Leadership Conference.

CCCSAA(sometimes pronouned “see-saw”) stands for California Community College Student Affairs Association. According to their website their goal is “advocating and advancing Student Affairs professionals and student leadership in California Community Colleges.”

The 2017 Student Leadership, Development, Advocacy, and Training Conference will begin Friday October 13, and will end Sunday October 15. It will focus on building leadership and advocacy skills that can be used while serving on the ASG, throughout their lives, and sharing that knowledge with whomever. ASG participants will also network with other students and partipants. Please wish them safe travel and a safe return.


{Pictures of the events and details will be posted here when available.}