Monetary Request Steps

-Step One:

*Prepare a tiny presentation & packet

  • In the packet attach a completed Monetary Request Form,   a specific cost breakdown of items to be purchased, your club’s financial status, and a club approved set of minutes explaining your monetary Request.
  • Minutes are needed to prove your club agreed to the request. The goal is to prevent fraud. It may be possible to present a set of minutes after the request is approved.

Step Two: 

*E-mail ASG president and Vice President 72 hours prior to a regular scheduled meeting of the ASG.

  • Ask to be added to the agenda with a Monetary Request.
  • Please stop by the ASG Executives Office in SU-104 for more guidance if needed. See for email addresses.

Step Three:

*Show up to the ASG meeting and present your Monetary Request. In Fall 2018 ASG meetings are every Friday at 11:30 am in SU-204. Be prepared for questions concerning your club balance, any current fundraising efforts, etc…

Step Four(If approved):

*Wait a week or until ASG approves the set of minutes for the meeting of the request.
*During this time or before please deliver a printed set of minutes to Malik Spence in SU-201.