ASG Elections 2018/2019; Ballot Measures

Please review the following Ballot measures.


Summary: Approving this will give the ASG the opportunity to add more positions and restructure the ASG. Not approving will keep the ASG constitution as is.

The Constitution of the Associated Student Government has existed in its present form since 2006. Currently, there are a number of deficiencies in this document, particularly in how the ASG is structured. The process to write and ratify a new Constitution is no small undertaking, but this year, the ASG devoted itself to doing just that. This extremely dedicated team of students drafted an entirely new document that we hope will serve the students for years to come.
The existing Constitution structures the ASG with a President, Vice-President, 14 Senators, and 7 Delegates. The Vice-President serves a dual role as VP and as Chair of our Policies, Procedures, and Executive Review Committee and three additional Senators also serve dual roles as Chairs of the Inter-Club Council, Legislative and External Affairs Committee, and Campus Wide Activities Committee. Additionally, each Senator must serve on two campus shared governance committees (these committees are behind all decisions and operations of the campus as a whole). In drafting a new Constitution, we sought to increase the effectiveness of ASG on campus. The ASG would now be structured with a President, Executive Vice President, and a series of specialized Vice-Presidents. There would be now be a Vice-President dedicated to Finance, Legislation, Events, Communications, Statewide Student Senate, Campus Shared Governance, and Club Affairs. These Vice-Presidents would be dedicated to working in their specific area of expertise. Additionally, the number of Senators would be increased to 18 and Delegates to 9.
Ratifying this Constitution would give the ASG the structure and personnel to best serve the students of Palomar.
A vote of YES is a vote to ratify this Constitution.
A Vote of NO is a vote to reject this Constitution.



Summary: If this measure passes it allows the implementation of an additional $2 per student, per semester, opt-in Student Activities Fee. If it does not pass the stated fee will not be implemented.

The Associated Student Government of Palomar College serves as the voice of the students of Palomar. The ASG is tasked with hosting numerous events, lobbying legislators, participating in the Statewide Student Senate, and representing students on over 20 Shared Governance Councils and Committees. In order to effectively serve the students of Palomar, the ASG must be properly funded. An optional $2 per student per semester fee will allow the ASG to meet its ambitious goals. This fee would allow for bigger and better events, an increased campus presence, and increased civic engagement. Investing in your campus community will help to build a learning environment we can all be proud of.
A vote of YES is a vote to approve the passage of SB-2018-S1.
A vote of NO is a vote to deny the passage of SB-2018-S1



Summary: If this passes, Palomar ASG will implement member compensation in the form of stipends. If this does not pass this measure will not be passed.

Executives and Senators of the Palomar ASG are required to spend a minimum of 5 hours per week serving the students of Palomar. This does not include work on events, internal committees, shared governance committees, or advocacy work. Typically, Senators spend 5-10 hours per week and executives routinely work 15 or more hours per week on ASG duties. In order to do so, often times, members of the ASG must forego employable hours. Currently our membership is completely voluntary. Members receive no compensation, stipends, or scholarships for their duties. This creates an equity gap in our membership. Only members financially stable enough to afford time away from work are able to participate in ASG.
The ASG does a lot of important work for some of our must underprivileged communities and operating an organization that is not available to those very same communities is counterproductive. By providing a moderate stipend to ASG members, these students would be able to gain access to an organization previously out of their reach. Members would also be able to commit more of their time and energy to more effectively serve the students of Palomar. This would also help to drive membership in the ASG, increasing our campus presence and representation for students.
A vote of YES is a vote to approve the passage of SB-2018-S2.
A vote of NO is a vote to deny the passage of SB-2018-S2.



Summary: If this measure passes the ASPC will authorize the collection of a $2 Student Representation Fee. If this fails this measure will a not be passed.

The Student Senate for California Community Colleges serves as the officially recognized voice of the Community College Students of California. This organization works to lobby legislators on student issues, serves on Statewide Shared Governance Committees, and works to build a connected Community College System. The SSCCC also hosts statewide conferences and advocacy events.
There are over 2 million Community College students in California, the largest education system in the nation. The number of Community College students is vastly greater than the membership of any union in the state. The voice of those students should be heard loud and clear. Unfortunately, the organization representing students, the SSCCC, is underfunded. The equivalent organization for the UC System receives approximately $2.80 per student and then CSU equivalent receives approximately $3.00 per student. In comparison, the SSCCC receives less than $0.05 per student.
Currently, students at Palomar pay a $1 Student Representation Fee. This fee is held at the local level and goes strictly towards legislative advocacy work. This proposal would add an additional $1 to that fee in order to fund the SSCCC. By helping to fund the organization, we are giving strength to a system that’s sole focus is to improve student lives. Amplifying the voice of the 2 million Community College students will serve to benefit every student in California.
A vote of YES is a vote to approve the passage of SB-2018-S3.
A vote of NO is a vote to deny the passage of SB-2018-S3.