ASG Elections 2018/2019; Candidates

Candidates for President of ASG

Amber Bancroft:

My name is Amber Bancroft and I am the current Vice President of the ASG.  As Vice President, I have spearheaded the drafting of the new ASG Constitution, financially increased funding to clubs, and implemented accountability procedures. I am running for President of the ASG this election and hope to earn your vote. I believe that my experience makes me the most qualified to serve as your next President.  As the author of the new Constitution, I am the most prepared to oversee its implementation. My current goals to improve Palomar include making the campus a polling place for elections and hosting a gubernatorial election forum. On a more personal note, I am highly active on campus; I am the treasurer of the Chemistry Club, a member of the Hikers and Backpackers Club, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa.​

Edy Saucedo:

My name is Eduardo Saucedo. I am a student athlete who loves to get involved in everyday to day activities with piers around me. I am running for the position of ASG (Associated Student Government) President. I would like to be a part of the ASG as your President. Experience matters, but what’s the point of experience if you cannot connect with your students and create relationships. My plan is to create bonds with the students, clubs, and organizations on campus. I truly believe that with my ambition and your vote, we can make a difference on this campus together. The first step to accomplishing a brighter future is by voting in the upcoming elections.

Candidates for Executive Vice President of ASG

Angela Smith:

Hey Palomar students! My name is Angela Smith and I’m running to be your Executive Vice President of ASG. I’ve been a Senator with the ASG for the past year.  As Senator I have been involved with numerous committees including Legislative Affairs and Student Success and Equity.  I also serve as the Secretary for the San Diego region of the Statewide Student Senate.  I believe my experience representing students and advocacy work make me the most qualified candidate.   I’m ambitious and passionate about what I do. My major is political science and I’m hoping to eventually transfer to UC Berkeley. Vote me for Executive Vice President and I will make you proud!​

Anthony White:

My name is Anthony White and I am currently running for Executive Vice President. As my experiences help me to understand and empathize with more of those around me I’ve becoming increasingly dedicated to securing a more promising future for everyone I can. In this pursuit I found myself seeking ways in which to help the people with whom I share this school, and this Nation. I felt that running for Student Government would be an excellent way to engage with the student body and work with my peers to lead us to a better experience and a brighter tomorrow, not just for the students today, but for every student to follow.

Candidate for Vice President of Events

Umida Lesicko

My name is Umida, which means HOPE. I was born in Uzbekistan and adopted at age 10. I have a prosthetic leg and despite having one leg, it does not slow me down in anything. I love being active in sports and community. I am a very social person and like to help others in any way I can. I would like to join ASG because it would be a great way to be involved on campus to help other students. I want to run for a position as a Vice President of Events because I have a passion for coordinating activities and getting students to participate in the activities so that they can receive the resources that maybe helpful for them as college students.

Candidates for Vice President of Finance

Candidate RiyaRiya Faldu:

My name is Riya Faldu. I am standing for the Vice President of Finance Position. I have worked with the non-profit organization for two consecutive years which is been recognized by UNESCO and had been part of many other business-related projects. Getting indulged in such considerate projects made me passionate and enthusiastic towards development, therefore I want to be a part of  ASG. I believe that college life holds crucial place in everyone’s growth. So, Vote for me to provide you an optimum positive surrounding and make this part of our journey memorable.

Sky Hargrove:

Hello, my name is Sky Hargrove and I am running for Vice President of Finance. I am a Business/Mechanical Engineering Major and I enjoy playing the harp, Irish dancing and flying Cessna airplanes. I am running for this position because I believe that as Vice President of Finances I could make an impact in student affairs such as financial aid, club funding and campus safety.

Candidate for Vice President of Legislative Affairs

AJ Watt

Hi, I’m AJ Watt and I’m running for the Vice President of Legislative Affairs position within Palomar’s Associated Student government. What I believe makes me a good candidate for this position is my experience within Palomar’s Student Government— I have sat on multiple councils and committees such as Legislative and External Affairs Committee, Policies and Procedures Executive Review Committee, Campus Police Committee, and Learning Outcomes Council. I’ve also traveled to conferences with our ASG such as Sacramento and Washington DC to help spread legislation affecting everyday students. A piece of legislation that I am very passionate in is making LGBT individuals a disproportionate impact group on campus. In this position my goals are to help spread knowledge of important legislation affecting students along with advocating for important legislation with representatives.

Candidate for Vice President of Communications

Kian Nourollahi

My name is Kian Nourollahi and I am running for the position of Vice President of Communications. I want to join ASG because I see a huge disconnect between the average student sitting in their classes, and the wonderful clubs and events hidden away around Palomar, and I want to change that. I am the ideal choice for this position because of my experience with social outreach in other clubs at Palomar and my passion for using social media for increasing awareness on different topics. This gives me the experience and capacity to do this job well.

Candidate for Senator

John Matson

My name is John Matson and I’m running for Senator in Palomar College’s upcoming ASG elections. If elected I hope to use my position to be an advocate for resources at Palomar College geared toward helping our students succeed academically. I currently work as a tutor in both the Math and STEM Centers where I help students with their math and computer science classes.