Student Trustee

Rachel Alazar 

My name is Rachel Alazar. I am a second-year student at Palomar College currently majoring in pre-nursing studies, and I am your student trustee. I want to make sure that your student needs are heard. I want to make sure that those issues that you deem essential will be raised to the decision-makers that directly impact you and your education. From the start of my education at Palomar, I decided that I wanted to be engaged in student life. I began my college career in the Fall of 2018, where I became an active member of Palomar’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter and subsequently the 2019-2020 Chapter President. I have present-day experience of Palomar’s basic governance from my 2019-2020 term as senator and secretary of the Associated Student Government. Aside from my academic interactions with pre-nursing and STEM studies, I am a musician in the Palomar Performing Arts in the Pacific Coast Concert band and a peer mentor for Palomar’s Promise Program. Peers and colleagues have described me as self-motivated, compassionate, and determined to reach my goals. My participation and experience as a fellow Palomar student, from honor society to performing arts, is what drives me to represent the needs of the student body.


Kateri Mouawad

My name is Kateri Mouawad, and I’m a math and economics transfer student at Palomar College. I was inspired to join ASG when my passion and involvement in the legal world developed; I wanted to give back to Palomar by fostering the amazing community found on campus. ASG offers experience in leadership and policy making, as well as many other academic and professional fields for any student to gain experience and facilitate their interests. As President, I’m committed to helping students navigate their educational journey by creating both opportunities and policies that aid students where it’s needed the most.



Vice President

Abeeha Hussain

Hello! My name is Abeeha Hussain and I am ASG’s Vice President! As this role, I work with shared governance to keep clubs, councils and committees together as well as work on recruitment (contact me if you want to join ASG ;))! Outside of school, my biggest passions include social justice advocacy so I’m also a precinct captain at the American Civil Liberties Union. I love spending time with friends and family and working with a team to do awesome things!




Vice President of Communications

Carissa Anderson 

My name is Carissa Anderson, I’m a Communications major, and I’m absolutely ecstatic to be representing the student body through Palomar’s Associated Student Government. I’m very passionate about advocating for diversity and inclusivity in learning environments, as well as within the world in general; that is one of my biggest goals that I’m determined to achieve through Palomar’s ASG. I want to ensure that Palomar remains a safe learning environment for all students from all different types of backgrounds. Additionally, I’m passionate about learning about different types of communications and media, and how to utilize them to the best of their ability. I’m also working diligently to achieve this in ASG, and I hope to expand outreach to students and increase involvement. I’m excited to be continuing my studies in Journalism/Communications in the Czech Republic as an expat, and I’m thankful for Palomar College and ASG for all of the love and support that’s put towards students. Join ASG!


 Vice President of Finance

Cassandra Collier





Vice President of Events

Marie-Thérèse Mouawad

My name is Marie-Thérèse Mouawad and I am the Vice-President of Events and Vice-Chair of Communications. I joined ASG to gain experience, and be of service to Palomar’s student body. I am passionate about helping and educating the student body, and to bring them together as a community. I look forward to hosting events for the students of Palomar to interact with each other and get involved with the school. I’m also a huge Batman fan, I enjoy sports such as rock climbing and swimming, and I take great interest in photography and film. I look forward to helping any and all students, and I encourage them to contact me about questions or ideas students would like to implement in the school!


Vice President of  Club Affairs

Taylor Bergeson

My name is Taylor Bergeson. I am a second-year student at Palomar College studying psychology. I am your Vice President of Club Affairs. I am committed to advance the mission of Palomar College: to provide an engaging teaching and learning environment for students of diverse origins, experiences, needs, abilities, and goals. Together we can make Palomar College even better than what it already is. My goal is to create and enhance opportunities for student success. I am excited to represent my fellow peers.




Ashley Gonzalez

My Name is Ashley Gonzalez this Is my first year here at Palomar College, as of right now I hold a seat as a Senator within ASG. I am currently majoring in Child Development in hopes of becoming a teacher and working with small children. In my free time I enjoy going to new restaurants/cafes and trying out their menu. I have recently picked up a hobby of painting and reading. When I’m not doing either of those things I’m probably in bed watching YouTube videos or binge watching shows. I joined ASG in hopes of getting more involved within my community and as well as my school. Because of COVID this year I understand the frustration that many may have with online learning/activities which is why I have made it a priority of mine as an ASG member to try and incorporate as many ideas as I can to make this year less frustrating. I love the environment that ASG has created and I am very thankful for the opportunity that I have as a member.



Stephanie Magnuson

My name is Stephanie Magnuson and I am a math major. Palomar College has given me many opportunities to learn and achieve my educational goals, so I decided that I would like to get involved at the college. One of my priorities as a senator is to ensure that Palomar College focuses on the needs of all students by ensuring that the college administration hears our voices and understands our needs. It is of utmost importance that students get a say in what happens at the college and I will work to make that happen.



Kevin Shotas








Michael Gonzales


Braeden Schulman

My name is Braeden Schulman and I’m a second year student at Palomar. I’m currently majoring in Chemical Engineering and hope to transfer after this Spring semester. I’m a very passionate person, especially when it comes to advocating for student rights. I joined ASG in hopes of unifying the campus and helping people find their voice especially with the climate we are currently living in. As a part of ASG, I currently serve as a delegate and I’m looking forward to work on projects I am passionate about. It’s very important that the entire student population feels like they have a voice and a say in what goes on behind the scenes. As an ASG member I’m given the opportunity to use my voice to speak on behalf of the students at Palomar college.



Ana Del-Zio