ASG 2020-2021

Student Trustee for Palomar College

Rachel Alazar 

My name is Rachel Alazar. I am a second-year student at Palomar College currently majoring in pre-nursing studies. I am running to be your next student trustee. I want to make sure that your student needs are heard. I want to make sure that those issues that you deem essential will be raised to the decision-makers that directly impact you and your education.From the start of my education at Palomar, I decided that I wanted to be engaged in student life. I began my college career in the Fall of 2018, where I became an active member of Palomar’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society chapter and subsequently the 2019-2020 Chapter President. I have present-day experience of Palomar’s basic governance from my 2019-2020 term as senator and secretary of the Associated Student Government. Aside from my academic interactions with pre-nursing and STEM studies, I am a musician in the Palomar Performing Arts in the Pacific Coast Concert band and a peer mentor for Palomar’s Promise Program. Peers and colleagues have described me as self-motivated, compassionate, and determined to reach my goals. My participation and experience as a fellow Palomar student, from honor society to performing arts, is what drives me to represent the needs of the student body.

Associated Student Government President

Remy Arnold  

My name is Remy Arnold and I am very passionate to represent the student voices of Palomar College as your next Associated Student Government President. I am a first year student and English major with a 4.0 GPA. I have served the students of Palomar for almost a year now, having enthusiastically joined early my first semester as a Senator and self-nominated myself later for the position of Vice President of Events. I am dedicated and an excellent multi-tasker who is more than willing and ready to take the necessary steps needed to advocate on behalf of the students, ensure that funds are being spent responsibly, and overall work towards a fulfilling and enjoyable environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

Associated Student Government Vice President

Kateri Mouawad

My name is Kateri Mouawad, and I’m a math and economics transfer student at Palomar College. I was inspired to join ASG when my passion and involvement in the legal world developed; I wanted to give back to Palomar by fostering the amazing community found on campus. ASG offers experience in leadership and policy making, as well as many other academic and professional fields for any student to gain experience and facilitate their interests. As vice president, I’m committed to helping students navigate their educational journey by creating both opportunities and policies that aid students where it’s needed the most.


Associated Student Government Senator

Stephanie Magnuson 

My name is Stephanie Magnuson and I am a math major.  Palomar College has given me opportunities to learn and achieve my educational goals.  It would be my pleasure to represent the needs of all students as an ASG senator.  One of my priorities as a senator would be to ensure that Palomar College focuses on the needs of all students by ensuring that the college administration hears our voices and understands our needs.  If elected to this position, I will listen to your needs and make sure that the ASG is your voice.