Our Meetings

Come check out our meetings!
The ASG meets every Friday from 11:30-1:30pm in SU-204 for the Fall 2017 semester.

The current agenda is  posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the ASG bulletin board located in the Student Union. If you would like a copy of the agenda you may request one in SU-102, SU-104 or SU-201.

Our meetings are open to the public. We encourage the entire campus community to come observe and participate. If you would like to make a public comment, Oral Communications are held at the start of every meeting to allow individuals  2 minutes to speak to the board. Ten minutes shall be reserved at this time for members of the public to address the Board on matters within its jurisdiction, which do NOT appear on the Agenda.

If you are interested in presenting during Oral Communications please arrive to the meeting 5 minutes early, sign your name on the Oral Communications sheet placed near the door and find a seat at the edge of the room.