Principles of Astronomy

Three hours lecture (3)

The fundamental nature of the night sky as understood by pre-20th century scientists. Properties of the solar system, black holes, galaxies, and extragalactic objects. Interstellar communication and extraterrestrial life.

CSU; UC - Credit Limitations

Principles of Astronomy Laboratory

Three hours laboratory (1)
Prerequisite: Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in ASTR 100, 120, 205, or 206

Exploration of the techniques used in astronomy to determine the physical properties of stars and galaxies.  The physical nature of light and the optical principles of a telescope are also explored.  Measurements of planetary and stellar phenomena are used to investigate the astronomical methods of determining the size, composition and age of the universe. 


Planets, Moons, and Comets

Three hours lecture (3)

The astronomy and geology of the solar system, observations, dynamics, relativistic ideas, including theories of formation and evolution. Comparative survey of the atmospheres, surface features and interiors of planets and satellites. Minor objects, such as comets and asteroids, will be included.

This course is dually listed as GEOL 120.

CSU; UC - Credit Limitations

The Universe: Contemporary Topics in the Space Sciences

Units awarded in topics courses are dependent upon the number of hours required of the student. Any combination of lecture, laboratory, or lecture-laboratory may be scheduled by the department. Refer to Class Schedule. (1-3)

Selected topics in astronomy and space sciences, emphasizing current research and discoveries. Refer to the Class Schedule for specific topics covered.

May be taken four times.

CSU; UC - Credit Limitations

Life In The Universe

Three hours lecture (3)

A scientific exploration of life in the universe using the findings of astronomy, biology, and chemistry.  Topics include the development of life and its environments on Earth, the search for life in the cosmos, interstellar communications and travel, and the effects of contact.

Prerequisite:  Completion of ASTR 100, 120, 205,  or 206

Directed Study in Astronomy

Arrange three, six or nine hours laboratory with department chairperson (1,2,3)

Individual study in field, library, or laboratory for interested students.

May be taken four times for a maximum of six units.

CSU; UC - Credit Limitations

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