Why am I receiving an error message when I upload a Grade Center file?
Posted by Chris Norcross on 30 July 2012 11:46 AM

If you are getting an error when uploading a Grade Center file (from Excel) that says "incorrect file format," here's why:
Blackboard downloads the file in what is called Unicode format, but sticks a different file extension at the end (the period and three letters that represent the file format). So when you go to upload it again, even if you didn't change anything, it gives the error!

  1. When you download the file, choose "Tab Delimited" out of the three formats that are available to download.
  2. The box comes up asking if you'd like to Open or Save. Instead of Saving (like you normally should) choose Open, you'll save it after.
  3. The file will open in Excel. Go to the Office Button, and choose Save As, Other Formats.
  4. From the pull-down menu under where you enter the file name, choose "Text (Tab Delimited)" and save the file.