How Do I Join Phi Theta Kappa?

In order to join Phi Theta Kappa International a student must meet eligibility requirements and an invitation will be sent from the PTK International organization.

All Palomar students are welcome to attend our meetings, join the local chapter, and participate in the activities we do as local PTK members.

What are the eligibility requirements for becoming a PTK member?

There are NO requirements for our local membership other than being a Palomar College student.

To be eligible for an international membership a student must have already completed at least 12 hours of associate degree course work with a cumulative 3.5 GPA.

I work, will being a member of PTK require a lot of time in my schedule?

The time a member devotes to Phi Theta Kappa is a matter of individual choice. Some members choose to devote many hours to chapter activities; others may not participate at all. Phi Theta Kappa’s Constitution requires only that a prospective member make and maintain certain grade point averages. Chapters cannot require participation in activities or withhold membership benefits based on lack of participation (i.e., wearing honors stole; receiving scholarship recommendations).

I am not seeking an Associate’s Degree, but am working on courses to transfer to another University, am I still eligible to be a member of PTK?

While Phi Theta Kappa encourages students to obtain an associate degree before transferring, this is not a requirement for international membership eligibility. A student would be eligible if he or she has completed at least 12 credits of course work that could be applied to earning an associate degree where the student is currently enrolled and has met the chapter’s required grade point average.

Source: Phi Theta Kappa