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SNAP Peer Mentoring Page

Welcome to the SNAP Peer Mentoring Homepage!  This program is run by nursing students for nursing students.  The goal of the SNAP Peer Mentoring program is to pair less experienced nursing students with more experienced nursing students to help facilitate a smoother transition into and throughout the Palomar College nursing program.  Mentee’s will benefit from the experiences of their senior colleagues, while mentors will have the opportunity to actively engage in the development of leadership skills, therapeutic communication, and knowledge reinforcement.  The professional relationships made during this process also provides the opportunity to build a network of resources for students after graduation.  Participation is completely voluntary, but all nursing students are encouraged to participate in this free program.

Mentors from second, third, and fourth semester cohorts will be paired with students from at least one semester prior to theirs.  Throughout the semester please share any questions, comments, or complaints by submitting a Comment Form. Enrollment is a semester long commitment.  After enrolling into the program, students who wish to withdraw from the mentoring program for any reason must do so by also submitting a comment form with their name, Palomar email address, and a statement requesting to withdraw.

Early bird registration will begin 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester and the early bird pairings will be finalized by the first day of class.   Group 2 registration must be filed no later than the beginning of the 3rd week of that semester.  Any applications received after this time will be dismissed.  In the unfortunate circumstances where we are unable to pair you with a mentor or mentee, we will put your name on a priority list for the next semester; However, you WILL need to reapply the next semester. The main reason for being unable to pair you would be an uneven number of mentors/mentees.  Two weeks before the end of the semester, students will be asked to fill out a short End of the Semester Feedback Survey.  The survey must be completed within one week.  All surveys received after the last week of the semester will be dismissed.

Students who complete a full semester period as a mentor AND submit a feedback survey, will receive a Certificate of Acknowledgement from SNAP to be used in scholarship or job applications.  The certificate will identify time spent developing leadership skills, dedication to the betterment of colleagues, and a commitment to the Nursing Code of Ethics to give back to the nursing profession.  Students who enroll as a mentor, but withdraw from the program before the completion of the semester or do not file a end of the semester survey will not receive a certificate.  Mentees’ are not eligible to receive a certificate.


As a part of an official club of Palomar College, all students enrolled as either mentor or mentee will be held to the same Academic and Ethical Codes of Conduct  stated in the student handbooks.  Any violation of these codes may result in your complete dismissal from the entire Palomar College Nursing program.

To register as either a mentor or mentee, please click the link below and complete the brief survey.  Mentor/Mentee pairs are determined based on life experience compatibility.  The information gathered from this survey is completely confidential and will be used solely for determining best matches.  Your name, your Palomar College email address, your current nursing school semester, whether you are registering as a mentor or a mentee, and weather you are in the LVN to RN program are the only mandatory user information required.  All additional information is completely voluntary to enhance your paring.  If no additional information is provided, you will be randomly paired with the next available pairing.

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Academic and Ethical Codes of Conduct

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End of the Semester Feedback Survey