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Early Childhood Education Lab School

Toddler – Preschool Programs

Funding/ Subsidized Services

Any family interested in services must fill out a wait list application.  Palomar College is able to provide funding for qualifying families through a contract with the California Department of Education.  For Palomar College students and community families who seek subsidized services at the San Marcos ECE-LS: Parent(s) must meet the eligibility requirements for services: for example, parent(s) must be in school and/or working and there is no parent or adult legal guardian at home who could take care of your child.  Families must also qualify according to gross monthly Income Guidelines and family size; the maximum amount that a family can make and qualify for initial services is rank 70 (blue highlighted row).  Ranks 71- 85 (page 3) only apply for recertification, not initial certification of funded services.

When space is available based on the admission priorities below, we will contact the family via email or phone.  It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the ECE-LS of any changes to their contact information. If you are contacted by the School, it is the parent’s responsibility to respond to the offer of space. Families will need to provide documentation of income and need eligibility when requested to determine if the family qualifies for funded services.  We will set a pre-screening appointment at that time and give the family a list of the required documents. Depending on the family income,  reduced family fees may apply.

Requirements for funded services are based on California Code Regulations (CCR) Title 5 and the California Department of Education Program Requirements for California State Preschool Programs (CSPP). While every attempt has been made to align our policies with the most current requirements from those sources, if there is a discrepancy, CCR 5 and CDE Program (CSPP) regulations supersede the information provided here. CSPP Program requirements can be found here- CSPP 17-18.

September 2017 Update- There is new guidance on 12 month eligibility of funded services which we are using to update our policies and procedures.  In the event of a discrepancy, this CDE guidance supersedes CCR Title 5 and our program policies.

Please note that we do not have funded services available to children who do not qualify as a CSPP three- year old or four-year old (see definitions below).  If your child is too young to receive services under these requirements, we suggest applying for alternate funding through the Central Eligibility List.  Our San Marcos site accepts alternate funding resources that help families pay tuition fees (CDA, YMCA, TANF, etc.).  To ensure that we can best serve your family when space becomes available, please let us know if are approved for funding through one of those agencies.

Subsidized services are prioritized for current Palomar College Students, then according to the priority list below.  If space is available after serving all student families, community families may be offered services according the priority list below.

Admission Priorities:

To receive CSPP services, children shall be three or four year’s old (according to the definitions below), live in the state of California (unless identified as homeless) and meet eligibility criteria.

    1. CSPP “Four-year-old children” are children who will have their fourth birthday on or before September 1 of the fiscal year* they are being served. (MB 14-02) (Children that are Kindergarten eligible are not eligible for CSPP)
    2. CSPP “Three-year-old children” are children who will have their third birthday on or before September 1 of the fiscal year* they are being served.*Fiscal Year runs from July 1- June 30
    3. “CSPP eligible five-year-olds” who will have their fifth birthday on or before September 1 of the fiscal year they receive services, and who were receiving full-day services as a CSPP eligible four-year-old on or before June 30, may remain in a CSPP program until they start kindergarten, but no later than September 30.

1.First Priority: (EC 8263[b][1])

    1. Three – or four-year-old neglected or abused children who are recipients of child protective services (CPS) and referred by Child Protective Services in which the case plan requires child development services.
    2. Three – or four-year-old children who are at risk of being neglected or abused as determined by a legally qualified legal, medical, or social services professional who states that child development services are needed to reduce or eliminate that risk.

If the ECE-LS is unable to enroll a child in the first priority category, the family shall be referred to local resource and referral services to locate services for the child.

2. Second Priority: (EC 8263[b][2])-

    1. Children who were enrolled in the State Preschool Program as a three-year-old, without regard to income ranking.
    2. All CSPP eligible four-year-old children who are not enrolled in a state-funded transitional kindergarten program in accordance with family income ranking, with the lowest income ranks being admitted first.

3.  Third priority: All CSPP eligible three-year old children in accordance with family income ranking, with the lowest income ranks being admitted first.

For income eligible families, when two or more families are in the same income rank, the family that has a child with exceptional needs shall be admitted first.  If no family of equal rank has a child with exceptional needs, the family that applied first shall be given priority.

Please see the ECE-LS Parent Handbook for additional information regarding funding requirements.

The Early Childhood Education Lab School is operated on a non-discriminatory basis, giving equal treatment and access to services, without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry.

The school policy states, “Program services and activities for enrolled families shall refrain from religious instruction, worship or practices.”

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Palomar Community College District Early Childhood Education Lab School welcomes the enrollment of children with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodation whenever possible to aid access to and participation in services programs, facilities, and activities.