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Palomar College Learning For Success

Administrative Association

Providing leadership and service to facilitate student learning and support to faculty, staff, and students.

Committee Representation

Administrative Association
Shared Governance Council and Committee Representation
Updated 08/20/2021

Participatory Governance Structure Chart
Governance Structure and Participation Handbook

Committee/Council Representative
College Council Jim Odom (AA President)

Sherry TitusĀ (Appointed by AA)

Ryan Williams (Appointed by AA)

Employees, Community, and Communication Council Julie Lanthier Bandy (Director of Marketing, Communications, and Public Affairs)

Stacy Rungaitis (Executive Director of Palomar College Foundation)

Chris Moore (Chief of Police)

Derrick Johnson (Manager, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management)

(Appointed by AA)

Equity, Education, and Student Success Council (Director of Student Success and Equity)

(Dean of Counseling)

(Instructional Dean)

(Senior Director of Enrollment Services)

Shauna Moriarity (Appointed by AA)

Infrastructure and Sustainability Council Michael Day (Director Information Services)

Chris Miller (Director of Facilities)

(CCCTech Connect Director)

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Fiscal Stewardship Council (Dean)


Michelle Barton (Senior Director of Institutional Research and Planning)

Ad Hoc Policies and Procedures Group (Appointed by AA)