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Palomar College Learning For Success

Administrative Association

Providing leadership and service to facilitate student learning and support to faculty, staff, and students.


Name Position Description Email Ext. Classification
Andrews, Michael Police Academy Director 3971 Educational
Astl, Dennis Manager, Construction and Facilities Planning 2772 Classified
Avila, Debra Manager, Teaching and Learning Center 3663 Classified
Barnaba, Ruth Manager, Tutoring Services 2238 Educational
Barnes, Juliette Police Academy Coordinator 1721 Educational
Barton, Michelle Senior Director, Research, Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, and Grants 2534 Educational
Bianchi, Americo Director, Telecommunications, Telecommunications-Grants 1549 Classified
Browne, Nancy Manager, Student Success and Engagement  3768 Educational
Carkey, Steven Manager, Accounting Classified
Cerda, Phillip Manager, Broadcast Operations, Telecommunications-Grants 2429 Classified
Chauderlot, Fabienne Dean, Languages and Literature 2251 Educational
Cohen, Shawna Manager, Equal Employment Opportunity and Compliance 2608 Classified
Coniglio, Carmen Senior Director, Fiscal Services 2119 Classified
Diaz, Olga Director, Student Success and Student Equity  3624 Educational
Dimmick, Michael Information Services Manager, Network and Technical Services 2140 Classified
Fritch, Margie Dean, Career, Technical & Extended Education 2276 Educational
Johnson, Derrick Manager, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management 3677 Classified
Lanthier Bandy, Julie Director, Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs 2152 Classified
Large, Michael Principal Institutional Research Analyst 7675 Classified
Lee, Adrianne Director, Financial Aid, Veterans, and Scholarship Services 2373 Educational
LeDesma, Joe Project Director, Grant Funded Student Programs 3620 Classified
Lochungvu, Pajseu Information Services Manager, Systems and Programming 3212 Classified
Loucks, Richard Manager, Instruction Office 2248 Classified
Ly, Pearl Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences 2759 Educational
Lynds, Daniel Director of Athletics 2464 Educational
Magnuson, Kendyl Senior Director, Enrollment Services 2171 Educational
Manea, Najib Manager, Academic Technology 2877 Classified
Medel, Thomas Director, Education Center (Rancho Bernardo)  3351 Educational
Menchaca, Patricia Dean, Mathematics, Science, and Engineering Educational
Miller, Chris Director, Facilities 2629 Classified
Miller, Rachel Institutional Research Analyst 2555 Classified
Moise, Connie Director, Information Services 2140 Classified
Moore, Christopher Chief of Police 3972 Classified
Moriarity, Shauna Director, Disability Resources 2378 Educational
Moss, Benjamin (Jamie) Manager, Enrollment and Financial Aid Services 8117 Classified
Odom, James Manager, Educational Television and KKSM Radio Operations 2445 Classified
O’Neill, Yasue Coordinator, International Education 7525 Classified
Robertson, Candace Manager, Tech Connect Operations Classified
Robertson, Grace Senior Institutional Research Analyst 2361 Classified
Roe, Nichol Associate Dean, Workforce and Community Development 3964 Educational
Rungaitis, Stacy Director of Development/Executive Director of the Foundation 2733 Classified
Salas, Leslie Dean, Counseling Services  2197 Educational
Salter, Steven Director, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services 3679 Educational
Savaiano, Patrick Assistant Director, Behavioral Health  2642 Educational
Schmidt, Heather Manager, Client Services and Marketing – TTIP South 1545 Classified
Sebring, Suzanne Director, Occupational and Non-Credit Programs 3758 Educational
Shoop, Deanna Manager, Outreach Services 3752 Classified
Smiley, Justin Dean, Arts, Media, and Business Administration 2455 Educational
Sterling, Connie Manager, Library 2621 Classified
Stone, Cassandra Manager, Student Accounts and Cashiering 3660 Classified
Taveuveu, Brandi Manager, Budget and Payroll 2880 Classified
Threatt, Robert Internal Auditor/Analyst  3764 Classified
Titus, Sherry Director, Student Affairs 2596 Educational
Vargas, Jose Information Services Manager, Network and Technical Services 1529 Classified
Vazquez, David Institutional Research Analyst 2372 Classified
Williams, Ryan Director, Education Center (Fallbrook) 7821 Educational
Winterle, Christine Director, Human Resources 2674 Classified
Vacant Director of Foundation Operations Classified
Vacant Director, Grant Funded Student Programs Educational
Vacant Director, Health Services Educational
Vacant Director, Workforce and Community Development Educational
Vacant Director, Workforce Initiatives for Early College Credit Educational
Vacant Manager, Contract and Procurement Services Classified
Vacant Manager, Performing Arts Production Classified
Vacant Manager, Professional Learning Network Classified
Vacant Fiscal Administrator Classified
Vacant Police Lieutenant Classified
Vacant Title III/STEM Institutional Research Analyst Classified