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BUS 204

BUS 204 Quantitative Business Analysis (4)
4 hours lecture
Pre-requisite: MATH 56 or MATH 60 or eligibility determined through the math placement process.
Recommended preparation: BUS 175 or equivalent.

*This course is approved to satisfy quantitative reasoning for the CSU Area B4 and IGETC 2A.
*This course is also approved to satisfy local math competency and Area A2.

Course Description

The applied science of basing business decisions on numerical data that can be used to reduce risk in customer, product, investment, and other significant operational and strategic business decisions. Descriptive statistics (tabular, numerical, and graphical) and inferential statistics (random sampling, sampling distributions, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, linear regression, t-tests) are used within the context of business decisions. Makes extensive use of technology, including spreadsheets and other software tools, for analyzing data. Designed for students majoring in business or economics.