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FAQs for Students

This Frequently Asked Questions page is for students, based on questions received by students regarding AB 705 placement and implementation. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at any of the contacts listed on the AB 705 webpage or fill out the question/comment form below.

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  • I have been placed too high. What should I do?
    We strongly urge you to try the class shown in your e-services placement box.  If you are concerned, please make an appointment to speak with a counselor (760-891-7511) or contact the Assessment Office (760-744-1150, x2182) for further assistance.  You are able to register in a lower-level course or into the same course linked with a support class, but you should still seek more information from the contacts listed here.
  • I’m using VA Benefits. How will AB 705 impact my benefits?
    Military-affiliated students using VA Education Benefits should contact the Veterans Resource Center.  To schedule a counseling appointment or to get more information, please call 760-744-1150, x2173.


  • Which math classes do not have pre-requisites?
    The following classes do not have pre-requisites: 54 and the linked courses of 6+56 and 12+120.
  • Which math classes will transfer to CSU or UC?
    All Math classes numbered 100 and above are transferred to UC and CSU with the following one restriction: Math 115 is CSU transferrable only.

Other Quantitative

  • PSYC/SOC 205
  • BUS 204


  • Should I take a reading class?  Why?
    College textbooks at Palomar are as challenging as texts at any four-year college or university.  Take a reading course to obtain the support you need to succeed in GE courses and courses in your major.  Learn to read quickly, develop a large technical vocabulary, and improve your ability to comprehend and analyze technical material at a high level.  Read to Succeed!!


  • Can I enroll in English 100 without 49 if English with 49 is recommended?
    Yes; however, we ask that you consider taking the extra support class, which is designed to help you have a better chance at succeeding in your ENG 100 class.  If you choose to enroll in ENG 100 only,  you will need to choose a section of ENG 100 that is not linked to a section of ENG 49.
  • Can I enroll directly into English 202/203 and 205, as well as Phil 200.
    You can only enroll in these courses if you have met the pre-requisites for them. Please refer to the current catalog for more information.


  • What are the benefits of taking ESL classes?
    There are many benefits to taking academic ESL classes.  In addition to strengthening your language skills, you will earn units that can be transferred to CSU/UC.  You can see a counselor or ESL advisor for details. 
  • I finished ESL/ELD classes in high school.  Why would I take ESL classes at Palomar?
    Transfer-level ESL writing courses at Palomar college are high level academic writing classes that transfer to UC and CSU, and they focus on helping students develop high level critical thinking, reading, writing, and grammar skills.  If you sometimes experience difficulty expressing yourself when writing in English because English is not your native (primary) language, then you may benefit from taking an ESL academic writing class.  As well, because we want you to take transfer-level English Composition (English 100) as quickly as possible but want you to be as prepared as possible, we offer accelerated ESL writing courses (ESL 105 and ESL 106) so that you can move more quickly into English 100.
  • I was born in the US, but I did many years of school in another country.  Should I take ESL classes?
    English as a Second Language classes are for any multilingual speakers/writers of English regardless of birthplace or previous educational experience.  If you are multilingual, and you experience difficulty expressing yourself when writing in English because English is not your native (primary) language, then you may benefit from taking an ESL academic writing class. 
  • I didn’t take any ESL/ELD classes in high school, but I am bilingual and have many problems with English grammar.  Should I take ESL classes
    Struggles with grammar are a great reason to consider taking an ESL course.  If English is not your native (primary) language, and you sometimes experience difficulty expressing yourself when writing in English, then you may benefit from taking an ESL academic writing class.  Please note that we also offer credit/noncredit ESL grammar courses (such as ESL 14/NESL 914) that could be taken in addition to your ESL or English writing class for additional grammar support.
  • I want to take English 100 as soon as possible, but English is not my first language, and I have many problems when I try to write in English.  Should I take ESL classes?
    There are ESL courses that can be taken directly prior to English 100 enabling students to complete English 100 in a year.  If you take ESL 103, those units would transfer to UC/CSU, and you would be able to prepare for and take English 100 the next semester, thus completing English 100 in one year.  Additionally, we have an accelerated writing track (ESL 105 and ESL 106) that will prepare you to take English 100 within one year. If you know that you have difficulty expressing yourself when writing in English because English is not your first or primary language, then taking at least one ESL academic writing class prior to English 100 is recommended.
  • How do I know which ESL class I should register for?
    The ESL department has a placement process to determine the best ESL class for you.  Contact the ESL department at 760-744-1150, ext 2272.
  • Can I challenge the results of my ESL placement?
    Yes, you can challenge your results. Contact the ESL department at 760-744-1150 ext 2272 to see if you are eligible.
  • Do I have to take ESL classes if I do the ESL placement process?
    You are not required to take ESL classes if you do the ESL placement process.  The process is only to determine the best class for you.  Keep in mind that if you are placed in an ESL level below transfer, that may indicate that you need extra support in English, and we would highly encourage you to take ESL classes.

Bridge to College Programs

  • What is the Bridge to College Math?
    This program is designed to give you support by building your mathematical confidence and proficiency while improving your math placement.
  • Why apply?
    You need a math refresher. You want to place out of the support class to reduce units. You previously took Math 15 or 50 and don’t feel ready for your new placement. 
  • What is a typical bridge day?
    You will be in a lab with an Instructor and a Tutor, using an adaptive computer system that will guide you through the prerequisite knowledge you need to be successful in the college level class and hopefully bypass the corequisite support class.
  • What classes is this program designed for?
    Any one who would like a math refresher or has a math placement with an Integrated Co-Requisite Support course.
    We are here to help everyone with their new placements. You will be work through one of the following three course paths:
    -Intermediate Algebra bootcamp:
    Intended for any student placed into M56+6, M56 or M60
    -College Algebra bootcamp:
    Intended for any student placed into M110+11 or M110
    -Statistics bootcamp:
    Intended for any student placed into M54, M120+20 or M120

Last modified on May 1, 2019