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PSYC/SOC 205 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (4)
4 hours lecture
Prerequisite: A minimum grade of ‘C’ in MATH 56 or 60 or eligibility determined through the math placement process
Note: Cross listed as SOC 205
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC – PSYC/SOC 205 and MATH 120 combined: maximum credit, one course

Quantitative and qualitative methods as applied to behavioral science data. Frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, variability, hypothesis testing, measures of probability and significance, correlation, regression, and inferential statistics.Also included are data entry, graphing, statistical analysis, and interpretation of data using word processing, spreadsheet, and statistical software.

Please contact the Counseling Department, the Assessment Center, and/or the Psychology or Sociology Department for further information.

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