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Which Reading Class Will Help Me Most?

Enroll in…What support/skills will this class provide me?
Read 50Provides the best support for ENG 100W (ENG 100 w/ Support)
Read 110Provides significant support to help you with the reading in ENG 100. Comes with a lab to give you practice in speed reading, vocabulary, and comprehension and also meets Area E
Read 105Provides you with the reading strategies necessary to read high level technical material with success, like BIOL 100 or SOC 100
NOTE: READ 105 will not satisfy Area E for CSU GE until Fall 2020. It currently satisfies Palomar College's Area E.
Read 120Meets Area A3: Critical Thinking for the CSU system and has no pre-requisites
N Read 494Allows you to brush up on your reading skills so that you will be reading at grade level by the end of the semester, but do not want units or credit. This is a basic reading class with lecture and lab for 3 hours a week.
N Read 931 (Fall)
N Read 932 (Spring)
Gives you access to reading lab materials and computer programs

(760)-744-1150 x2251
Faculty Contact: Erin Feld

Questions About Your Recommended Placement?

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