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Distance Education Committee

Discusses Issues related to Distance Education and Academic Technology and makes recommendations to the Faculty Senate

About DE Committee

Distance Education Committee

Meeting Time: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 2:30 – 4:00pm.

Zoom Meeting Id 961 1370 6468  and Password: 950357 



This Senate committee will coordinate faculty interests in all areas of academic technology. This committee will advise the Senate on relevant technology matters:

1) discuss issues on technology related to student equity (access)

2) coordinate with faculty on technology governance committees

3) coordinate with curriculum committee on distance learning courses

4) discuss pedagogical issues relating to on-line courses and changes in technology

5) discuss issues of training for on-line instructors

6) advocate for faculty concerns regarding technology

7) discuss academic and professional issues related to courses taught in non-traditional formats such as percentages of faculty and department loads


Reporting Relationship: Faculty Senate

Chair: Erin Hiro, Distance Education Coordinator and Senator

DE Coordinator: Erin Hiro 

Faculty, PFF (appointed by PFF) (20-22): Russell Backman  

Faculty, at large (20-22): Amy Caterina  

Faculty, at large (20-22): Kelly Falcone 

Faculty, AMBA (19-21) Michael Gilkey  

Faculty, MSE (20-22): John Harland  

Faculty, Library (20-22): Linda Morrow  

Faculty, at large (20-22): Steve Perry 

Faculty, CTE (20-22) Jacob Shiba 

Faculty, Part-Time (19-21): Jonathon Singh  

Faculty, L&L (19-21) Stacey Trujillo 

Faculty, DRC (20-22): Alyssa Vafaei  

Faculty, SBS (19-21): None 

Faculty, Student Services (20-22): None 

Steve Perry
Distance Education Coordinator
LL 110A
760/744-1150 ext. 2990