Useful Anatomy Links an excellent collection of links for anatomy students.

Excellent skeletal system site

Anatomy quizzes

Skeletal system quizzes/slides prepared by a former student in this class (download and run the PowerPoints); directly applicable to the skeletal system lab practicum

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation (a fascinating site! The typical body does not exist)

Embryonic development animation as seen in lecture (by Albert O. Shar, University of PA School of Med.)

Muscles of the cat (courtesy of Charles Harrison at Saddleback College)

A great site for review of cat and human muscles

An index of various spine surgery animations

Gastroesophageal reflux disease animation (at a site run by AstraZeneca; this is not an endorsement by me of their products)

Beating heart animation

Sheep heart and sheep brain sites (by James Crimando of Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ)

Lymphatic system movie

Asthma video as presented in lecture Copyright: ©2000 The McGraw-Hill Companies (Requires the free RealOne Player for Windows to play: click to get)

CSF circulation animation (Courtesy of the e*pub Group at the Center for Biomedical Informatics of the State University of Campinas, Brazil.)

Gallery of prominent people in the history of anatomy, physiology, and medicine

WebAnatomy:  A very nice set of interactive, web-based quizzes from Dr. Murray Jensen at the University of Minnesota.

The Visible Human Project

An excellent set of histology quizzes from the University of Minnesota

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