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Active Learning Leaders

Welcome to the Palomar College Active Learning Leaders (ALL)!


We are a group of faculty from Palomar College who have come together through our shared passion for teaching and learning. We work together to host an annual learner-centered teaching conference, for teachers who are interested in creating an active learning environment in their classrooms.

What Is Learner-Centered Teaching?

Learner-centered teaching:
  • Is where the focus is on the student as learner. 
  • Seeks to improve student learning and success, rather than on the mere transmission of information. 
  • Describes a concept and a practice in which students and professors learn from one another. 
  • Proposes a global shift away from instruction that is fundamentally teacher-centered (such as a traditional lecture
  • Focuses on learner-centered teaching using active learning techniques (termed “guide on the side”). 
  • Not intended to diminish the importance of the instructional side of the classroom experience. 
  • Includes other activities that produce desirable learning outcomes. 
  • Articulate what they expect students to learn
  • Designs educational experiences to advance student learning
  • Provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their success in achieving those expectations.
Adapted from: Learner-Centered Teaching and Education (A University of Southern California Resource for Faculty) at:
Ref: Handelsman, et al., 2004: Scientific Teaching, Science: Vol. 304 no. 5670 pp. 521-52.

The video below is full of “aha” moments from the spring 2015 conference participants:

Why should you register for the conference?

Who are the Active Learning Leaders?


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