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Active Learning Leaders

Welcome to the Active Learning Leaders (ALL)!  We are a group of faculty from Palomar College who have come together through our shared passion for teaching and learning. We work together to host an annual learner-centered teaching conference, for teachers who are interested in creating an active learning environment in their classrooms.

The video below is full of “aha” moments from the spring 2015 conference participants:

Why should you register for the conference?

Who are the Active Learning Leaders?

What Is Learner-Centered Teaching?

Learner-centered teaching is where the focus is on the student as learner. Learner-centered teaching also seeks to improve student learning and success, rather than on the mere transmission of information. It describes a concept and a practice in which students and professors learn from one another. It proposes a global shift away from instruction that is fundamentally teacher-centered (such as a traditional lecture, which has been glibly termed “sage on the stage”), focusing instead on learner-centered teaching using active learning techniques (termed “guide on the side”). It is not intended to diminish the importance of the instructional side of the classroom experience. Instead, instruction is broadened to include other activities that produce desirable learning outcomes. Learner-centered teachers articulate what they expect students to learn, design educational experiences to advance student learning, and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their success in achieving those expectations.

Adapted from: Learner-Centered Teaching and Education (A University of Southern California Resource for Faculty) at:
Ref: Handelsman, et al., 2004: Scientific Teaching, Science: Vol. 304 no. 5670 pp. 521-52.


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