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Fall 2015 Conference Presenter Proposal Form

Innovative educators are invited to submit a proposal to present a breakout session at the 1-day Learner Centered Teaching Conference (October 24, 2015, in San Marcos, CA). Be part of the excitement of this professional development festival for learner-centered educators! Breakout session facilitators are expected to NEVER read papers or present an entire lecture; rather, the breakout sessions will be the facilitation of an active learning strategy used in class.

Breakout sessions presenters will be awarded a $40 gift card for presenting!

Submit your breakout session proposal directly from this Webpage. Simply fill in the form below and click the “Submit” button.

Questions? Please e-mail to Kelly Falcone,

Important dates:

  • September 16th, 2015: Final day for submitting Breakout Session Proposals
  • September 23rd, 2015: Notification of Proposal acceptance
  • September 30th, 2015: Presenters must complete their registration for the Conference
  • October 24th, 2015: Date of the Conference

Direct link to breakout session submission form:

Audio/Visual Needs:

NOTE: All breakout session rooms will have movable student desks, an instructor podium, an instructor computer with Internet access and audio, a data projector and screen, a whiteboard with markers, a flip chart & markers, and wireless Internet. PowerPoint presentations will require the presenter to bring either their presentation on a USB thumb drive or a laptop computer with all connecting cables. If you need specialized audio, you must bring your own audio device to your session.

Here is an example of a well-designed active learning session:

1. Breakout session introduction:  How will you engage your attendees when they enter your workshop?

“I plan to do an opening session where the participants come up a quicklist of the qualities/characteristics of successful students. Then they do hand-up, stand-up activity to share their ideas. Then we do a shout-out and I put several of the qualities on the board. As we watch Skip discuss the 8 qualities of successful students, I circle the qualities/characteristics that the group has come up with.”

2. Breakout session active learning segment:  Explain the active learning strategy you will be employing in your workshop.  This should be the majority of the workshop where your attendees are actively participating.  This cannot be a lecture.  Treat your attendees as your students in an active classroom.  What will your attendees be doing during your workshop?

“Introduction (5 minutes)
The entire session involves active learning:
Introduction (5 minutes)
Quicklist of qualities/characteristics of successful students (2 minutes)
Hand-up, Stand-up activity (5 minutes)
Shout-out activity (3 minutes)
Skip’s video/ 8 qualities of successful students (10 minutes)
How On Course is different (5 minutes)
On Course data (5 minutes)
On Course Web resources (10 minutes)
Wrap-up, applications of using the techniques shown here in other disciplines, and evaluation (10 minutes)”

3. Breakout session conclusion: How will you conclude your workshop to focus on how your attendees will apply this in their classrooms.

“As a closing session, I plan to do a group discussion about how we can use, modify, or adapt the techniques demonstrated in the session in other disciplines”