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Spring 2018 ALL Pre-Conference Workshop

NEW this year!  Pre-Conference Workshop on January 26, 2018, 9:00am–3:00pm, in room MD-103

Workshop Title:  Because Leadership Matters!

Segment 1: The Who. The What. The Why. The How.

Let’s begin by reacquainting ourselves with who we are, how it shows up in what we do, and the why that drives us.

We’ll …

  • discover our one main thing and how to keep it the one main thing
  • explore our role in relationship to the outcomes we seek: convincing vs. making conscious
  • create common understanding and definitions to words such as engagement and accountability
  • examine our level of congruency

Segment 2: Facilitating Change Transitions

Navigating the educational landscape these days is not unlike a journey to the Emerald City—hopeful expectations and unwelcomed challenges. This session is built on the clarity and distinctions gained during Segment 1. We’ll wrap our heads and hearts around the change process, and the necessary ingredients to move our colleagues from one reality to another.

We’ll …

  • unravel the biological and neurological principles of change: meaning—The Holy Grail
  • discover the relationship between innovation and improvement
  • explore The X Factor Phenomenon and its necessity in creating meaningful and sustainable change
  • unpack the essential elements needed for sustainable professional growth