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Palomar College Learning For Success

Who We Are

As Active Learning Leaders (ALL), our mission is to encourage and support the use of active learning strategies and learner-centered teaching.

We are a multi-disciplinary group of full-time and part-time faculty—many of whom have received training in On Course—who support active learning teaching techniques in the classroom. We also organize and host an annual conference on active learning. Current ALL members include:

  • Jana Badrani
  • Amy Caterina, Photography
  • Kimberly Christensen, Math
  • Will Dalrymple, English
  • Alex Doyle-Bauer, Library
  • Kelly Falcone, Kinesiology
  • Sean Figg, Geology
  • Karmi Flores, Counseling
  • Julie Hanson, Business
  • Erin Hiro, Journalism
  • Ashlee Lain, Biology
  • Natalie Lopez, Library
  • John McMurria, Cinema
  • Patrick O’Brien, Counseling
  • Dana O’Callaghan, Counseling
  • Candace Rose, Cinema
  • Gina Sanders, Mathematics
  • Elizabeth Stephens, Counseling
  • Katrina Tamura, ESL
  • Al Trujillo, Earth, Space, and Environmental Sciences
  • Solange Wasef, Nutrition
  • Lori Waite, Counseling

We thank our past ALL Conference committee members:

  • Michael Gilkey, Business Administration
  • Chris Sinnott, Performing Arts
  • Cindy Anfinson, Mathematics
  • Jose Briceno, Sociology
  • Lee Chen, ESL
  • Sheri Cully, ESL
  • April Cunningham, Library
  • Jo Moore, Business
  • Michael Mufson, Performing Arts

Interested in joining our team? If so, contact Kelly Falcone,

One for ALL and ALL for one!

4 comments on “Who We Are

  1. Spencer Leafdale on

    Good day,

    Will you be having a conference in 2021? I attended in 2020 and found the conference and presenters very beneficial.


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