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Lifelong Learning

Noncredit Classes for Older Adults


Course Offerings

N SOC 900 Brain Fitness for Older Adults

A course designed to enhance the physical and/or mental health of older adults through information programs, physical movement, and/or mental exercises/activities designed to reduce stress and anxiety while improving health and wellness.


N KINE 906 Hatha Yoga for Older Adults

Designed for older adults, this course will allow the individual to progress from beginner to advanced status. Yoga integrates static and dynamic physical postures with mental discipline to achieve greater well-being. Students will increase strength, flexibility, and balance; decrease mental and physical stress; and improve circulation throughout the body.


N CSIT 900 Digital Literacy – Computer Fundamentals for Older Adults

Designed for older adults, this course teaches students to make the most from technology. It covers a foundational understanding of computer hardware, software, operating systems, peripherals, and troubleshooting. Mobile Device and Cloud Computing concepts are also explored.



Last modified on June 2, 2021