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Palomar College Learning For Success

Student Resources

This web-page is designed to provide information about community-based and Palomar College resources.

Financial Aid

For financial aid, please fellow the step by step instructions in Palomar College Financial Aid Webpage.

Counseling Services

We highly recommend that you seek assistance with education planning, career guidance, and personal counseling related to your academic success.  See a counselor to ensure your success toward your educational goals!

Behavioral Health Counseling Services

Behavioral Health Counseling created to foster the emotional, psychological, social, and academic wellness for currently enrolled Palomar students, please click here for more information.

Employment Resources

Tools, resources, and connections to help make your career goals a reality. Click here to access the Online Career Center.

Campus Resources

Community Resources

Housing Resources

Housing for Foster Youth, please click here.

General housing and shelter, please click here.


Last modified on November 8, 2019