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Palomar College Learning For Success

Are You Ready?

Palomar College Online Learning Readiness


Computer Skills

Do you have the necessary
computer skills?

Internet Skills

You should know how to:

  • use a browser, such as Internet Explorer;
  • use a Search Engine, such as Google;
  • understand URLs;
  • create bookmarks (or “favorites”) within your browser;
  • download files or save the target of specific URLs;
  • upload files by using simple web forms;
  • send and receive email with attachments;
  • save email attachments on your hard drive;
  • use browser helper programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft media player.

Computer & Technical Skills

You should know how to:

  • use a word processor;
  • paste text from a web page or a word processor document into an email;
  • print materials from the Internet or from other computer documents;
  • save a document as various file types;
  • create and manage files and folders on your computer;
  • install software downloaded from the Internet;
  • find files on your hard drive.
  • If you feel comfortable with these basic skills, you will have no problems with the technical aspects of an online class.

Computer Skills Inventory

Do the following statements apply to you? 

If all or most of them do, you certainly have the technical skills to take an online class.

  • I am comfortable using a computer.
  • Keyboarding is easy for me, and I am usually accurate.
  • I know how to print documents from my computer.
  • I know how to use the Internet.
  • I know what a URL is.
  • I know how to use a search engine.
  • I know how to make a bookmark (or “favorite”).
  • I am comfortable using email.
  • I know how to make an email attachment.
  • I know how to save an email attachment to my hard drive.
  • I know how to copy files from a hard drive to a floppy disk, CD or flash drive.
  • I know how to make a folder and save a file in it on my computer.
  • I feel comfortable using a word processor.
  • I know how to copy and paste text from one document to another.
  • I know how to save a word processing document in “Rich Text Format” (RTF).
  • I know how to download and install browser plug-in software, like a media player.
  • I have played audio and video files on the Internet.
  • I know what a PDF file is.
  • I have used chat and bulletin boards on the Internet.
  • I have used simple web forms.

A good online student does not need to be a computer whiz, but does feel comfortable using basic features of their computer, such as a web browser and word processor.