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Learning Skills

Do you have the necessary
learning skills?

Reading, Writing and Question Asking Proficiency

In addition to technical skills, online classes depend heavily on reading and writing proficiency. While many classes use audio and video to deliver course materials, still most communication from your instructor and among your classmates, will be in writing. You will be assigned research papers, essays, reports or need to write discussion board postings and emails.

Furthermore, when you do not understanding something, you must not hesitate to ask your instructor for clarification. If you are in the dark, it is easy to fall behind in your work. If you have difficulty asking for explanations online classes may be difficult for you.

Do these statements about reading, writing and questioning apply to you?

  • I like reading.
  • I can read a text book, a magazine article, or a product manual and usually understand it without having to ask for help.
  • I don’t mind my classmates seeing what I write.
  • I feel comfortable in a learning environment where most of the directions I receive are in writing.
  • I know how to prepare for a research paper on my own.
  • I know how to make a bibliography.
  • I don’t mind asking questions if I don’t understand something.
  • I don’t mind asking more than once if I don’t get a clear explanation the first time.
  • If I don’t get an answer to my question right away, I feel very uncomfortable.
  • I am patient in pursuing the answers I need to my questions.

If so, you should be successful in an online class.

An online student needs to be a good reader, to be able to communicate well by reading and writing, and needs to be able to ask for help if something is not clearly understood.