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Alternatives to Assessment

How do I send my information?

Email it →

Fax it → (760) 591-0482

Bring it → to our office locations in San Marcos (main campus), Escondido Center,  North Center and South Center.

Please be sure to attach all documentation as a PDF or JPEG file and include your name, Palomar College student identification number and contact phone number.

Previous Course Work

Previous college or high school courses may be used as an alternative to English and math placement. Please be sure to email, fax or bring your college or high school transcripts.

Prior College Assessments


Palomar College will accept prior college assessments in English, reading and math up to two years from the date tested.

Prior Test Scores


Prior test scores may be accepted as alternatives to assessment including the following: AP, ACT, SAT, CSU ELM, EPT and CAASPP.

Please, contact us for further details regarding scoring standards.