Prior Test Scores

Prior test scores may be used as an alternative to assessment.

SAT, ACT, CAASPP, CSU EPT and ELM tests must have been completed with in the past two years.

ACT Scores

ACT Category Score Eligibility
ACT Writing 22 or higher English 100, college level English
ACT Math 23 or higher math 100-120, Psy. 205/Soc.205 college level math

SAT Scores

SAT Category Score Eligibility
SAT Writing 500 or higher English 100 college level English.
SAT Math 550 or higher Math 100-120, Psy. 205/Soc. 205 College level math

AP Scores

AP Category Score Eligibility
AP English Literature/Composition or Language/Composition 3,4,5 English 202, 203, Phil 200
AP Statistics 3,4,5 Math 100-120, Psy. 205/Soc. 205
AP Calculus AB 3,4,5 Math 141
AP Calculus BC 3,4,5 Math 200/205


CAASPP EAP ENGLISH (Standard Exceeded) Standard Exceeded English 100/ college-level English
CAASPP EAP MATH (Standard Exceeded) Sandard Exceeded Math 100-120, Py/Soc 205. College -level math
CAASPP EAP MATH Conditional Standard Conditional standard met must complete an approved math class senior year of high school

CSU ELM and EPT scores

CSU ELM/ EPT Category Score Eligibility
CSU EPT 147 or higher English 100, college level English
CSU ELM 49 or higher Math 100-120, Psy.205/Soc.205, college level math