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Recording Room Blues

Here in Academic Technology we talk about crafting screen recordings or doing narrated videos from your PowerPoint slide deck, and we really are emphasizing these functions since the recent purchase of Camtasia Studio for all district computers.

However, the one resource that can be in short supply on campus is finding a quiet place to get recordings done. That’s where the “Blue Room” comes in. For the last seven years Academic Technology has maintained the “Faculty Technology Center” in room LL-111 on the first floor of the Library building on the San Marcos campus. The ancillary room LL-111A, pictured below, has come to be known as the “Blue Room” for obvious reasons.

Wide angle view of the LL-111A room layout

With all-new computer equipment (the “all-in-one” model of workstation soon to be in the LL-109 computer lab classroom, coming this Summer) it is easier than ever to record material using Camtasia in the Blue Room. To ensure that you get the best sound quality we have covered the walls with sound-proof foam pads, and with the door closed there is a sound difference that has to be heard to be believed. (Truly, just about all the ancillary echoes that we take for granted are dampened down, which gives a richness to the quality of the silence in the room.)

Headset, workstation, document stand and lamp, everything for a great recording session.

As you can see above, the small room has a headset, webcam, document stand… everything needed to record academic content for your students. And, of course, it’s within ten strides of the ATRC offices, where the techs will be able to assist you with anything you might need during your recording sessions.

So come on down, and try your hand at recording in the ATRC Blue Room!

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  1. Karen Korstad on

    David thank you for posting this. We were just talking about such a place here and how we were going to accomplish this.

    Karen Korstad

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