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Blackboard Changes: Course Hopper

A wonderful new aide to navigating around within Blackboard is part of the SP8 upgrade. (Okay, so this won’t be on Palomar’s production environment until after the upgrade to Blackboard’s 9.1 SP8 version next Monday, June 4th, but it is available on the BbSandbox environment already.) Technically named “Course-to-course navigation” this tool allows movement between courses to the same part of a course.

From the Blackboard documentation:

Course-to-Course Navigation allows students and instructors to jump from course to course while retaining the context of the page or task from the original page of any recently accessed course.

This video illustrates moving between courses with this course hopper function:

This navigation tool has the potential to streamline an instructor’s workflow tremendously. For example, if you are in the mood to grade papers your students have submitted, go into your first course and into the Needs Grading screen. Grade the papers in this first course, then choose your next course from the drop-down menu. Boom, you’re now in the Needs Grading screen of the next course. Rinse and repeat.

If you use the same names for content areas in your different courses, you will also be able to jump directly between those areas, which will make processes such as “upload all my syllabi” much easier. Certainly this isn’t truly new functionality, after all you’ve moved between multiple courses before now, but hopping directly between courses is easier and simpler than ever before. Happy course hopping!