Bb Student app for iOS and Android phones

Bb Student logo

Not sure how many Palomar students have tried out the Blackboard Mobile app for accessing Blackboard courses, but recently the Blackboard company launched another phone app which may be of interest. Called “Bb Student,” the app is for iOS and Android phones. (I say phones specifically, because when I saw this loaded onto an iPad… it was not pretty.) Also, do I really need to specify that with a name like Bb Student this app is NOT intended for faculty use?

When loaded onto a phone, the app functions like a stream of data from your courses in Blackboard. There isn’t much in the way of navigation through course structures like the Blackboard Mobile app has, and you certainly cannot use Bb Student to take tests or participate in discussion forums, but for quickly looking through content to see what is due soon, it seems fairly slick.

Bb Student is the latest brainchild launched from Blackboard Labs (which, apparently, is a thing that exists). They do provide answers to several Frequently Asked Questions that may be of interest to you. (Although… how do you have frequently asked questions about a brand new product? More like probably asked questions, I think.)

Frequently Asked Questions about Bb Student

  • How do I get the app?
  • Is my device compatible?
    • Bb Student is available on phones that run iOS 7+ or Android 4.0+.
  • How much does it cost?
    • As a project under Bb Labs, Bb Student is free to students who have access to Mobile Learn.
  • Are there plans to add more features?
    • Absolutely! As a Bb Labs project, Blackboard is looking for your feedback as we build out new features, so look for the Feedback/Help button within the application to provide us with your input.

Oh, and just to clarify, when it says “free to students who have access to Mobile Learn” that means Palomar students. There is no cost for Bb Students or the Blackboard Mobile app for students connecting to Palomar’s Blackboard system. So why not give it a shot? It may not do everything you want right now, but hey, that’s why the company is requesting feedback.