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Free Office 365 for all Palomarites

Yes I am serious, and no this is not a scam. All students and employees of Palomar College are already licensed to use Office 365 for free. In fact, we are licensed to have up to five copies of Office installed on our computers, as well as full access to the full-featured versions of all the online Office applications. Oh, plus 1024 Gb of storage space on the OneDrive cloud storage system.

For free.

All you have to do to get this is click the button below, put in your Palomar email address, and click the link on the email you will receive there. (Obviously you will have to already have set up your Palomar email address; if you need to set up your student address, do so within the eServices system.) All this because of the way Palomar is already licensing Office for use on campus, so there are no extra costs for either Palomar students, staff, or faculty.

Get Office 365 for Free

Just verify your Palomar email address, activate your account, and begin using the tools. Once you have created your account, you can always go back to the login site, use whatever password you set, and… voila.

So, did your instructor just tell you that you must turn in your work using the Word format? No problem, just use your copy of Word, online or offline. Did you just get an assignment to build a PowerPoint presentation along with several classmates? No problem, just start a presentation, save it to your OneDrive, and invite the other folks in your group to collaborate in building the file. Were you working on your file at home, and forgot to bring your USB drive with you to campus? Well, if you also were saving to your OneDrive, then no worries… otherwise you’re out of luck. (Almost enough to make you try using cloud storage of files, isn’t it?)

Oh, and I did mention this is for free, didn’t I?

5 comments on “Free Office 365 for all Palomarites

    • David Gray on

      Yes. The Office 365 license grants you the right to install the latest version of Office on up to five computers, as well as access to the online versions of Office from any number of other computers. Impressive, no?

    • David Gray on

      Microsoft doesn’t put a particular time limit on the offer. I haven’t been able to find any details on how frequently Microsoft intends to require proof that users continue on as students or employees of Palomar, either.

      I’m afraid the best answer I can give is “until further notice.”

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