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Software for Students

An oft asked question at the start of each semester is “can I get cheap software?” The short answer is “it depends.”

The Foundation for California Community Colleges has negotiated some special prices on software which can be found on their website at . Just identify yourself as a Student in California at Palomar College and you should see a whole list of hardware and software at fairly good prices. (The pricing on the Adobe Create Suite is very attractive, if you need that.)

The Foundation also has special pricing on the Microsoft Office suite… which you don’t want.

The reason you don’t want to purchase Office from the Foundation is that you are already licensed to use the full Office 365 system for free. If you want the whole nine yards on why, that was blogged here back in January. Bottom line is that you go here, and give it your Palomar student email address. Then go check your Palomar email, and you should get an invite that gives you access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote online, as well as permission to install the programs locally on up to 5 computers. Theres a bit more to it, but all the details should be in the email.

So, cheap Adobe Creative Suite, free Microsoft Office suite. Can you get cheap software? Yep. Enjoy.