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Palomar Email and Canvas and Bears… oh my!

Dramatic changes have been made to the way that email address information is sent to the Canvas learning management system (LMS), which is likely impacting the way students and instructors can communicate about their classes. For many years students had the option to list a “preferred” email address, which the Palomar LMS received as the address where students wanted to receive information. That customization is no longer an option for students.

Now the email address designated by Palomar is the only one which will be sent to the LMS, so by default all students would need to check their Palomar student email address to find out about messages from the professors. Questions related to the Palomar email systems (for students and faculty both) should be addressed to the Information Services department.

Palomar’s Canvas system has additional options:  Email notices sent from Canvas will, by default, go out to the Palomar student email address, but users have the option to set additional contact points (such as a personal email address, cell phone number, or even a Twitter handle). When a user sets these new contact points, notices will not send to them by default, but users can then set their notification preferences to determine which contact points will receive notices about which activity.