Guest Information

Looking for a Class?

If you are looking for a class to take, you really don’t want to access the Blackboard system, but instead should visit the eServices Class Schedule with the most up-to-date information on which classes are available. If you do find a class you wish to take, then use the eServices Enrollment System to actually register in a class. If you have any problems using the eServices system, you should contact the Enrollment Services department.

Getting More Information

It is possible to access some Blackboard courses as a guest. If an instructor has enabled guest access on their course site, you will find it listed in the Blackboard course catalog. Just keep in mind that not all parts of a Blackboard course can be viewed as a guest, so you may not be getting an accurate picture of the contents of the course site.

Finally, if you are interested in taking online classes, but are unsure if they are right for you, you may want to visit our Are You Ready? website.