Printing PDF Handouts from Blackboard

If your instructor has placed PDF documents in Blackboard for you to print, here is how to do it.

Depending on how your instructor has created the link to the PDF file in Blackboard, it will either open in the full Blackboard content frame, a smaller Blackboard content frame or on a new Window or in a new tab.  If in a full content frame or in a new window or new tab, you will see the printer controls on the document itself.  They look like this:

Print PDF New Window

Click the printer icon to print the handout.  Be sure, before you send the job to the printer, that it is correct by viewing the print preview thumbnail.

Print Preview Area

If the document loads in a smaller content frame within Blackboard you will not see these print controls.  In this case, right-click the document and choose Print…  The right-click menu that you see will look like this:

Right-click Print

Once again, check the print preview thumbnail to be sure it is what you want before printing the job.