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We have a wide variety of eReaders and Tablet devices for checkout.

Please be aware that to use an eReader or tablet device the device must be tied to a commercial user account. For example, the Amazon Kindle must be tied to your personal Kindle account, the Barnes & Noble Nook must be tied to your Barnes & Noble account. When devices are returned account information will be cleared from them and they will be returned to factory defaults. Any purchases you have made will remain with the vendors, and not on the devices. The idea behind the checkout program is to provide experience with various devices before you make a purchasing decision, or to see content the way your students may be seeing it.

Google Nexus 7We have the following Amazon Kindle devices to check out:

We have the following Barnes & Noble devices to check out:

We have the new Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 available for checkout:

We have the following Apple tablet for checkout:

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