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Ammonites for Earth Sciences Week Celebration

During the Earth Sciences Week Celebration, October 11-17, 2015, Palomar faculty wanted to let participants take something away with them. The decision was made to let attendees take home their own replica of an ammonite:


This particular model was scanned from an ammonite found in Germany from the Museum Victoria Collection, and was made available for use through the Thingiverse web site under a Creative Commons license. Since we needed significant numbers of objects printed, a digital set of multiple ammonites was prepared (35 per print job, as shown below):

35 digital Ammonite objects

This particular print job took just over 27.5 hours to complete. So one take-away from this example: Leave plenty of advance time for objects to be printed – they do not print fast!

Job starting: 35 printed ammonites Job complete: 35 printed ammonites

When the print job was complete, there was a bit of excess threads of plastic to clear away, and a few rough edges to file down:

2015-10-05 09.51.29

But the end result was a give-away that otherwise could not have happened.

Basket of ammonites