Streaming Media

Palomar has a process in place to accept requests from faculty to digitize media for inclusion in a campus-wide media catalog. You can find details on this process by following the link below.

Faculty wishing to contribute media to the media catalog will need to:

  1. Fill out the online Streaming Media Submission Form once for each title you wish to contribute.
  2. Bring your media, and a print-out of your form results, to the Library Circulation Desk on the second-floor of the San Marcos campus Library building.
  3. Your media contribution will be assessed to ensure it meets all necessary criteria. If it does, you will be contacted later letting you know your media has been digitized and added to the collection.

Once your media is added to the collection, just follow the steps from this video to add the media into your Canvas course:

reel and filmstripIn addition to Palomar’s own campus-wide media catalog, we wish to remind you of the many media resources that are still available to you and your students:

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