Who We Are

ATRC LogoThe purpose of the Academic Technology Resource Center (ATRC) at Palomar College is to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning through the use of technology.  A big part of that purpose is communication with our audiences.  That’s the reason for our blog.

There are several contributors to the ATRC blog, Dr. Najib Manea the ATRC Manager, Dr. Lillian Payn the ATRC Coordinator, and David Gray, Shay Phillips and Chris Norcross, our Systems Administrators.  All of these folks may have personal Palomar College blogs also , but this is the single, “official” site for the Academic Technology Resource Center department.

We strongly encourage our users to revue this site for more complete information and access to resources.  We also hope that you will  follow us on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube.

Users who need to contact the ATRC for technical support should use the ATRC Helpdesk system. Users who wish to contact the ATRC Computer Labs may do so by phone at 760-744-1150 ext. 2657. Direct contact information for our staff may be found in the table below:

Chan, BrianInstructional Computer Lab/Helpdesk Specialistext. 3761LL-103bchan@palomar.edu
Gray, DavidAcademic Technology Systems Administratorext. 3989LL-111Bdgray@palomar.edu
Helming, KellyWebsite Coordinatorext. 2644LL-110khelming@palomar.edu
Lisicky, TeraInstructional Design Coordinatorext. 2848LL-111tlisicky@palomar.edu
Manea, Ph.D., NajibAcademic Technology Managerext. 2877LL-108nmanea@palomar.edu
Norcross, ChrisAcademic Technology Systems Administratorext. 3225LL-110cnorcross@palomar.edu
Payn, Ph.D., LillianAcademic Technology Coordinatorext. 3626LL-110Alpayn@palomar.edu
Phillips, ShayAcademic Technology Systems Administratorext. 2845LL-111Bsphillips@palomar.edu
Valencia, MyrnaInstructional Computer Lab/Helpdesk Specialistext. 2656LL-103mvalencia@palomar.edu