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On Campus Resources

There is a variety of resources on-campus and in the community that can help you be an effective gatekeeper. Remember, you are not alone when it comes to helping a classmate or a student in distress. Use your resources.

For faculty the first person you should contact is your Department Chair.

Behavioral Health Counseling Services

San Marcos: NB Building, Room 2, (760) 891-7531
Escondido Center: Student Health Clinic,  Room 203, (760) 891-7532

Students with behavioral concerns can call or go directly to Behavioral Health Counseling Services to schedule a counseling appointment to discuss personal issues and/or obtain behavioral health resources and referrals.

Disability Resource Center

San Marcos: DSPS Building, (760) 744-1150, extension 2375

Students with a verifiable disability can call or go to the Disability Resource Center to meet with a counselor and seek community behavioral resources.

Student Health Centers

San Marcos: HC Building, (760) 891-7530
Escondido Center: Room 203, (760) 891-7532

For health related issues, please contact the Student Health Centers at 760-891-7530.  For additional information on behavioral health resources please check with the front office in the Student Health Centers.

Office of Student Affairs

San Marcos: SU-201, (760) 744-1150, extension 2594

Faculty or staff members who have concerns about student Code of Conduct violation may call the Director of Student Affairs at (760) 744-1150, extension 2594.

Police Department

San Marcos: Campus Police Office
Escondido Center: Room-801

For 24 hours a-day crisis response call (760) 744-1150, extension 2289 from any campus phone. A dispatcher can contact appropriate campus department(s) or 911 if necessary. An alternate phone number for Campus Police is: (760) 891-7273.

Office of Evening Administration

San Marcos: AA-114, (760) 744-1150, extension 3351
Escondido Center: (760) 744-1150, extension 8103

The office of Evening Administration is responsible for providing evening to evening continuity of support and response to general administrative matters, including: student, faculty, or staff concerns, arriving late to class, emergency of any kind, and reporting an absence after 5:00pm.

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