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Palomar College Learning For Success

On Campus Resources

There is a variety of resources on-campus and in the community that can help you be an effective gatekeeper. Remember, you are not alone when it comes to helping a classmate or a student in distress. Use your resources.

For faculty, the first person you should contact is your Department Chair.

Behavioral Health Counseling Services

Call: (760) 891-7531

Students with behavioral concerns can call Behavioral Health Counseling Services to schedule a counseling appointment to discuss personal issues and/or obtain behavioral health resources and referrals.

Student Health Centers

Call: (760) 891-7530

For health related issues, education and resources, students can contact the Student Health Centers to schedule an appointment. For additional information on behavioral health resources please check our website.

Disability Resource Center

Call:  (760) 744-1150, extension 2375

Students with a verifiable disability can call the Disability Resource Center to meet with a counselor and seek community behavioral resources.

Office of Student Life & Leadership

Call: (760) 744-1150, extension 2594

Faculty or staff members who have concerns about student Code of Conduct violation may call the Director of Student Affairs at (760) 744-1150, extension 2594.

Police Department

Call: (760) 891-7273

For 24 hours a-day crisis response call (760) 891-7273 or (760) 744-1150, extension 2289 from any campus phone. A dispatcher can contact appropriate campus department(s) or 911 if necessary.

Office of Evening Administration

Call:  (760) 744-1150, extension 3351

The office of Evening Administration is responsible for providing evening to evening continuity of support and response to general administrative matters, including: student, faculty, or staff concerns, arriving late to class, emergency of any kind, and reporting an absence after 5:00pm.

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