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Student Wellness Advocacy Group

What is the Student Wellness Advocacy Group (SWAG)?

The Student Wellness Advocacy Group is a peer education program that promotes mental health and wellness education on campus. Our mission is to raise awareness about mental health, and other related issues, and to create a culture of support on campus. We hope to provide valuable education and connect students to the resources, available both on and off campus, in order to promote success and wellness for our colleagues here at Palomar College and beyond.

Benefits of Peer EducationSWAG logo

    • Students are more likely to reach out for help from other students
    • Peers provide a different level of empathy and understanding
    • It can be more comfortable for students to talk with peers
    • Peers can see more signs that someone may need support
    • Students are more likely to utilize the resources available to them when they are recommended by a peer
    • Peers can reach a larger audience

SWAG affects change in ways like ….

Zoom Skillshops: coming soon

Wellness Wednesdays: coming soon

Walk away feeling empowered and rejuvenated!

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