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Faculty 2020

acrylic on tile by Kylee McDowell CLICK TO SEE VIDEO
Acrylic on ceramic tile
Kylee McDowell
Covid Release
Bo Kim
Bo Kim Snowman oil on canvas
oil painting
Bo Kim Stroke
oil on canvas
collage on canvas Helen Wilson Three Graces Mixed media ceramic sculpture
Hunter Helen Wilson
Ken Joudrey Watercolor Gouche, Graphite Watercolor
Amy Catarina Polaroid Polaroid Germany 2019
acrylic painting
acrylic painting Relaxed Expectations Jeff Kahn Acrylic
large acrylic painting
large acrylic painting You had me at Jello Jeff Kahn Acrylic Acrylic
large stained glass Stained Glass
Brian Canfield Hero
sculpture of wood barrel barrel, wood, glass
Brian Canfield Barrel
Judith Preston
Tainted Love
Judith Preston
Mill Creek Eastern Sierra
Lisa Slovis Mandel
Copper face mask Covid Mask
Lisa Slovis Mandel
oil painting
Janet Parrish Mccann Magic Man
mixed media
Mother Sees All
Janet Parrish Mccann
glass sculpture Michael Hernandez Snout Sconce glass sculpture Michael Hernandez Pallegero
ceramic sculpture ceramic
Walking on the Beaches Looking at the Peaches Sasha Koozel Reibstein
Abstract ceramic sculpture ceramic
Sasha Koozel Reibstein Lingering Light
Ingram I Found It!
Photo Ingram Ober