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Business makes it happen!

The Business program in the Business Administration Department at Palomar College prepares for transfer AND/OR a job at the same time! You can choose from the following programs of study:

  • Administrative Assistant (AS | CA): This program is designed to prepare the student for an entry-level or higher office position and reflects significant changes in the level of preparedness in Digital Information Literacy that is required to enter business and industry.
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Merchandising (AS | CA): This program is designed to provide a general academic background of coursework pertinent to entry-level employment and/or upper-division education in the field of product or service distribution.
  • Business Administration (AS-T): The Associate in Science in Business Administration for Transfer degree provides students the basic functions of the business including accounting, economics, business ethics, business-related software applications, business communications, and business statistical study. The degree prepares students for entry into an extraordinary number of academic studies such as accounting, finance, marketing, business administration, advertising, merchandising, banking, economics, entrepreneurial studies, health care management, hospitality management, international business, and public relations. It can also provide skills necessary for entry-level positions in the field of business.

General Business A.S. with new areas of emphasis; Medical Office Specialist, and Advertising wordleSocial Media and Marketing

  1. Business-General (AS): This program is primarily designed for students who are seeking an overview of a business. The program provides skills necessary for entry-level positions in the field of business. If transferring to a four-year institution use the Associate Degree for Transfer Business (AS-T Business Administration).
  2. Business Information Worker (CA): The Business Information Worker Certificate of Achievement is a new certificate that is based directly on industry advisors’ recommendations for required job skills; it is designed to prepare students for entry-level office administrative support in a variety of fields or businesses.  This certificate will upgrade existing job skills and will lead to preparation for immediate employment in entry-level positions in various fields as well as augment employer-required skills for any career/degree.
  3. Creating Your Business in a GIG Economy (CA): This unique three-course certificate combines a comprehensive course in small business entrepreneurship to launch a business; a course in social media to advertise and market the business; and a cooperative education course in which students may earn academic credit for what they learn while building their small businesses.
  4. E-Marketing (AS | CA): This program combines business skills in marketing and advertising with technical skills in web design and digital media production. Students will gain a working knowledge of Web 2.0 techniques used in e-marketing such as digital media design, search engine optimization, social networking, and other methods of creating digital content for driving website traffic.
  5. Medical Office Specialist (AS | CA): Provides specific front office skills for an entry-level position in a medical-related facility.
  6. Retail Management (CA): A comprehensive program designed to prepare current and future retail employees for the fast-paced challenges in a competitive retail environment. This certificate has been endorsed by the Western Association of Food Chains and its member companies.
  7. Social Media (CA): Market your business with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!  The Social Media Certificate of Achievement provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of social media. Students who complete the requirements will be able to demonstrate how to create and share digital content in order to establish and grow a social media presence online. Potential careers students may enter upon completion include social media strategy, public relations, and/or online journalism


For program requirements and course offerings, consult the Business section (PDF) of the current Palomar College Catalog.