Real Estate

The Real Estate program in the Business Administration Department at Palomar College offers the following programs of study:

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According to the Real Estate Program at Palomar College is ranked as one of the TOP 10 BEST REAL ESTATE ONLINE PROGRAMS.

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31897RE 100--Real Estate PrinciplesWED6.30 -- 9.40 pm MD-329
34053RE 111--Advanced Real Estate AppraisalONLINEN/A
31838RE 115--Real Estate PracticeONLINEN/A
34054RE 120--Legal Aspects of Real EstateTHU6.30 -- 9.40 pm MD-329
34055RE 150--Residential AppraisalONLINEN/A

To obtain a California Real Estate Broker License, one must meet the qualifica-tions, take the required clas-ses, and pass a written ex-amination. Those who pass the examination are provid-ed a broker license applica-tion. The application must be submitted to and ap-proved by California Depart-ment of Real Estate (DRE). The DRE website is and the phone number is