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Real Estate

The Real Estate program in the Business Administration Department at Palomar College offers the following programs of study:

  • Real Estate Appraisal License Preparation (CP):  Real Estate Appraiser Trainee license is required of individuals who are tobe employed as appraisers under the control and supervision of licensed or certified real estate appraisers. A license may be obtained by a person whodoes not immediately intend to be employed by an appraiser. However, no real estate appraisal activity may be performed unless the trainee is in the employ ofa licensed or certified real estate appraiser.
  • Real Estate Broker License Preparation (AS | CA): To obtain a real estate broker license, you must first qualify for and pass a written Bureau of Real Estate examination.


• Age: You must be 18 years of age or older to be issued a license.
• Residence: Proof of Legal Presence in the United States is required. If you are not a California resident, go to for more
• Honesty: Applicants must be honest and truthful. Conviction of a crime may result in the denial of a license.
• Experience: A minimum of two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years or the equivalent is required. For further information, see Documenting Experience Requirements for the Broker Examination at Continuing education offerings do not satisfy the college-level course requirements for this examination.
Members of the California State Bar are statutorily exempt from the college level course requirements but still need to demonstrate they have satisfied the two years full-time licensed salesperson experience within the last five years requirement or have at least two years real estate related experience within the last five years while practicing law in California.
Copies of official transcripts are generally acceptable evidence of completed courses. Applicants who have completed the eight college-level courses statutorily required for the broker examination and license are eligible to take the salesperson examination without providing further evidence of education or experience.

  • Real Estate Salesperson License Preparation (CP): A Real Estate Salesperson license is required of individuals who are to be
    employed as salespersons under the control and supervision of a licensed real estate broker. For more information on how to apply to the Salesperson exam go to California Department of Consumer Affair Bureau of Real Estate website.

For program requirements and course offerings consult the Real Estate section (PDF) of the current Palomar College Catalog.

According to the Real Estate Program at Palomar College is ranked as one of the TOP 10 BEST REAL ESTATE ONLINE PROGRAMS.


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