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Typing Test

Due to Palomar College’s physical building closure for COVID-19, we are NOT administering Typing tests at this time. Staffing Companies might be able to assist  you in obtaining a typing certificate while we continue working remotely. We apologize for any inconvenience.

When in person, this is some of the info you will need to know.

  • WHEN: Monday-Friday 9: 00 or 10:00 am By appointment only.
  • WHERE: MD-335
  • FEE: $10 (NO CHARGE to currently registered Palomar College STUDENTS OR STAFF. Students must show proof of registration for the current semester. Photo ID required.)

Call us to schedule an appointment (760) 744-1150  x2494

Before your test:

  1. Check the following site for parking information
  1. Pay fee(s) at the cashier’s window, located in Building A, Administrative Services. Picture Id required.
  1. The test is administered in MD-335. Directions to MD-335 test location may be obtained from the cashier. Report to the MD-335 lab at your scheduled time, give the FEE RECEIPT to the staff when you check-in.

You will have 10 minutes of practice time. Three 5-minute timings will be given from straight copy. Typing tests follow International Typing Rules. A certificate will be issued for the best timing with 5 errors or less. Allow an hour for the whole process. For a copy of this information click here.

About the test.

You will be taking three five-minute typing tests, each from unfamiliar (different) copy with our GDP typing software.

  • The typing test will be single-spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs.
  • Type one space ONLY after all punctuation.
  • You will be able to backspace to make corrections during the timing without penalty.
  • Word-wrap is active; press the enter key ONLY at the end of the paragraphs.
  • If you finish typing the printed page before the end of the 5-minute time period press enter TWICE, then start retyping the first paragraph again.


  • The total number of words typed (GWAM) and the total errors made are recorded by the software.
  • Two points are subtracted for each error from the GWAM to determine NWAM (net words a minute).

Typing certificates are issued at NET SPEED with FIVE ERRORS OR LESS. A typing test with more than five errors is not certifiable.


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