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Quick Reference Guide

It is strongly suggested that you read the Purchasing Services Manual.  This brochure covers only the highlights of that document.

Purchasing Methods Available:

1. Credit card– The CalCard is available for use.  Complete instructions for its use are available on the CalCard web page.

2. Reimbursement for purchases under $500– This method may be used when an employee has been authorized to purchase supplies and materials and pays for the goods.  Only goods may be purchased, no services or rentals.  Submit a pay voucher to Fiscal Services including your receipts for all items.

3. Requisitions– For detailed information on filling out a requisition, please refer to the Purchasing Services Manual.

Small orders are extremely costly to the District and to vendors.  Small, repetitive orders should be increased in quantity and decreased in frequency.  In most cases a year’s estimate can be made from previous orders.  Ordering in large quantities reduces costs to the District caused by the negotiation and placing of orders, paper work processing, etc.

The Requisition form and Requisition Continuation form are available online.  Be sure to read the instructions for complete information regarding the online form.

Requisition #: See the instructions for obtaining a requisition number.  Refer to this number when inquiring regarding status of your request.

Fiscal Year:  Make sure to insert fiscal year requested.

Account #:Account number(s) to be charged with % allocation(s) or dollar amounts.  Be sure that:

a.   The account number(s) is/are in your budget and sufficient funds are available.  If not, complete a budget transfer and submit it and the requisition to Fiscal.

b.   The account code accurately matches the items requested.  For account definitions, please go to  Click on “Budget” and then on “Account Rollup Budget Tree”.

c.   You are using the expenditure account number (i.e. 441000) rather than the pool account (i.e. 400010).

d.   You are using an account in the 4’s for supplies, etc. under $500 and the 6’s for supplies/equipment over $500.

Requisitions will not be processed until sufficient funds are available in the proper account(s).  Please do not submit requisitions until you have verified there are adequate funds in each account to be charged.

Vendor Reference: Name, address, phone and fax of suggested vendor, if known, or enter “Purchasing’s Best.

Requested by:  Employee making request.

Department: Department making request.

Phone/Ext #: Telephone extension number of employee making request.

Date:  Date requisition is prepared.

Date required: Enter a realistic date when items will be needed.  Items/services that are considered by the Director of Business Services to be of an emergency nature (e.g., work stoppage, safety, health, and impairment of instruction), shall be handled on a priority basis.  Justification for an emergency requisition must be documented on the face of the requisition or as a separate attachment.

Deliver to:  Physical location for delivery, indicate building and room number.

Final Destination:  If equipment is being requisitioned, indicate the final destination building and room number.

Accountable Dept:  If equipment is being requisitioned, indicate the department accountable for the equipment.

Material Safety Data Sheet:  Applicable when ordering chemicals/other controlled toxic substances, e.g., toners and developers for copiers.  A current MSDS must be on file in the Facilities Department and in each department using or storing chemicals/toxic substances.

The administrator’s signature is required unless provisions have been made for exceptions, which are on file in Business Services.

Item #:Sequential numbering for each item requested (beginning with the number 1).

Part #, Description of Supplies, Equip, and/or Services:  Provide all specific information identifying the item(s) being ordered, including catalog number (if available), part number, manufacturer, model number, name of the item, size, dimensions, color, finish, special instructions, software version number for Apple or PC, and any other information that would assist in expeditiously processing the order.  Use as much space as necessary to provide a complete description of the item(s) being ordered.

Inst Y/N:Indicates whether the item is for instructional purposes or not.

Acct.:  Indicates which account listed at the top of the form is to be used for this item.

Unit of Issue: Enter the abbreviation for the packaging of items required (e.g., ea = each, ct = carton, bt = bottle, dz = dozen, etc.)

Quantity:  Enter the number of items required.

Unit Price:  If known, enter unit costs.  If costs are not known, provide estimated amounts or the statement “Total Not to Exceed $________”.  The “not to exceed” amount must include applicable shipping/ handling and sales tax.

Total Price:  The total price column will calculate as soon as you enter the quantity and unit price and tab out of the fields.  When costs are confirmed by the Buyers, they are authorized to place orders exceeding the estimated “Total Price” on the requisition up to $50 above the estimated “Total Price”, unless the “not to exceed” statement is used.

Subtotal:  his field automatically calculates as you enter data in the lines above.

Second Page Subtotal:  Enter the subtotal from the Continuation sheet if applicable.

Tax:  Enter applicable state sales/use tax.

Shipping & Handling:  Enter applicable shipping/handling costs (approximately 10% of the item costs).

Total Due:  This field automatically calculates as you enter data in the lines above.

Requisition continuation sheet: For use with the Purchasing Requisitions whenever additional space is required to complete a requisition.

Equipment:  Identify existing equipment available for trade-in.  Include the name of the manufacturer, the trade-in model number, serial number, district property tag number and the current location of the equipment.

Be sure to keep a copy of your requisition so you will be able to trace it.  In order to trace a requisition, please refer to the detailed instructions below under “Check on the Status of a Requisition”.

4. Prepayment– When required and if the law permits, orders may be paid for in advance.  This procedure is used to order books, films, videos, subscriptions, publications, software, and memberships from vendors that will not accept purchase orders. The requisition must indicate, “prepayment required” and when possible, attach a company brochure or an order form.  Prepayment requests must include a statement from the person responsible for the budget account stating they understand funds may be lost if company should go out of business, etc.

5.  Open Purchase Orders – Open purchase orders are used to purchase repetitive, on-the-shelf items.  Submit a requisition indicating the time frame (usually the fiscal year), a list of authorized buyers, the maximum dollar amount per transaction and the maximum dollar amount of the Purchase Order.

As purchases are made, the Purchase Order number is given to the vendor and should be included on all invoices.  As orders are received, the packing slips/receipts must be signed, dated with the receiving date, and submitted to Fiscal Services for payment.  Be sure the Purchase Order number is included on all items submitted for payment.

Check on the Status of a Requisition:

Due to the number of requisitions being processed and staffing shortages, allow approximately 3 months to receive the items you requested.  If you would like to check on the status of a requisition, your first step is to check to see if it has been processed.  To do that, in PeopleSoft Financials follow this path:

Go/Administer Procurement/Manage Purchase Orders, Inquire/Purchase Order/Header.

Enter your requisition number under “Purchase Order Reference”.  Be sure to include any leading zeros and click “OK”.  If the requisition has been processed, the Purchase Order for that requisition will be displayed.  If the system can’t find any information and you have allowed sufficient processing time, please contact Business Services.


A buyer in the Business Services Department handles repair calls for equipment under contract.  Each item under a Maintenance Service Agreement is continually monitored as to the number of items repairs have been made, the extent of repairs and any additional cost incurred outside the scope of the contract.

For repair of equipment not covered by contract, a standard requisition shall be forwarded to Business Services listing the equipment, nature of the repair, the location of the equipment, and the cost estimate.

Returns for Credit:

Contact Accounts Payable in Fiscal Services regarding return procedures.